DWS INT 5 400 RCH Digi-Wave Rechargeable Digital Interpretation System For 50 Listeners – Williams AV

The DWS INT 5 400 RCH Digi-Wave Digital Interpretation System by Williams AV is a completely portable, wireless interpretation system offering a reliable, crystal-clear broadcast and supports 4 interpreters plus floor feed and up to 50 listeners. The system can be expanded if additional languages or receivers are needed (up to 14 languages and unlimited listeners).

Ideal for worship services, school assemblies and conferences, the Digi-Wave system can be used for virtually any application that requires interpretation. Broadcasting at 2.4GHz, the Digi-Wave interpretation system can be used safely both domestically or internationally.

Equipped with internal Lithium Polymer batteries with smart charge, the DWS INT 5 400 RCH system is completely rechargeable. Included with the system are (5) 12-bay drop in chargers for easy charging.


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An unlimited number of listener’s (using the DLR 400 Receivers) can select their language, then listen to the floor speaker or the interpreter of their choice.

This portable language interpretation system package will support 3 interpreters, and additional DLT 400 transceivers can be purchased for additional languages.

Visit the product page at Williams Sound for more information.


  • Completely portable, wireless interpretation system in a water resistant carry case.
  • The system works by transmitting a shared language, in addition to up to fourteen simultaneous translation feeds in other languages
  • Backwards compatible with Digi-Wave 300 series transceivers and receivers
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • 2.4GHz operation offers a crystal clear broadcast and is legal for use in most countries
  • Range of up to 900 feet (depending on environment)
  • 2 year Williams Sound warranty
  • Easily expand number of listeners with additional DLR 400 Receivers 
  • Increase number of languages supported with additional DLT 400 Transceivers

System Includes

  • DLT 400 transceivers (5)
  • DLR 400 RCH rechargeable receivers (for listeners) (50)
  • MIC 158 headset microphones (4)
  • EAR 022 single-ear earphones (50)
  • CHG 412 Pro 12-bay drop in chargers (5)
  • CCS 054 carry case (1)
  • CCS 061 BK black silicone skin (1)
  • CCS 061 GR gray silicone skins (4)