Medium-Area Infrared Transmitter IR T2 – Williams AV

Compact and easy to set up, the IR T2 Medium-Area Infrared Transmitter from Williams AV provides a powerful and stable signal to compatible IR receivers, allowing for the transmission of two channels of translated audio at substantial range.

In interpretation settings, this lets you provide translation support for up to two interpreted languages.

Looking for other options? We also offer FM and Digital interpretation systems to cover a variety of different applications. Send us a message with what you need and we would be happy to put a recommendation together for you.

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IR T2 Medium-Area Infrared Transmitter Features

When used with the RX22-4N receiver, the IR T2 medium-area infrared transmitter covers an area of 18,000 square feet with clear, low distortion audio, making it easy to provide a quality service, indoors or outside. No secondary units are needed due to the extra wide range and coverage pattern.

Perfect for conferences, meetings and courtrooms, the IR T2 transmitter requires no license to operate and comes with pre-set music and voice settings, so no complicated audio configuration or government licensing.

Because IR signals do not go through walls, you can be assured that all audio stays within the room.


  • Dimensions: 9.0″ W (229 mm) x 3.8″ D (97 mm) x 1.4″ H (36 mm)
  • Weight: 0.84 lb. (0.38 kg)
  • Power Supply: TFP 057 Desktop style international certified power supply with IEC line cord, 100-240 VAC input, 50-60 Hz, 18 W; 48 VDC output
  • DC Power Input: 2.1 mm ID barrel connector, 48 VDC, 0.2A, center positive
  • Green LED Power Indicator
  • System goes into power save/sleep mode after 12 minutes of no use
  • Modulation: FM Wideband, ±50 kHz deviation max, 50 μS pre-emphasis
  • 2.3, 2.8, 3.3, 3.8 MHz Transmission Frequencies
  • Coverage Area: Up to 18,000 sq. ft when used with the RX22-4 receiver in single-channel mode
  • Audio and Line inputs: Phoenix style connector jack for Ch A and Ch B accept line level, balanced or unbalanced audio
  • One yellow Audio Indicator LED for each channel. Stays on steady when audio is present.
  • BKT 024 Omnidirectional mounting kit for wall or ceiling
  • Compatible Receivers: WIR RX22-4, WIR RX18, IR R1, IR RX20
  • 5 year warranty
  • Approvals/Regulatory Compliance: CE, FCC, Industry Canada, WEEE, RoHS, CB Scheme, RCM, PSE

System Includes

  • IR T2 infrared transmitter (1)
  • BKT 024 wall / ceiling mounting bracket (1)
  • TFP 057 international power supply with line cord (1)

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