DWS-INT 4 Simultaneous Interpretation System – Williams Sound (Discontinued)

Sleek, portable, and wireless, the Williams Sound DWS-INT 4 is a complete pro system for multi-language interpretation in small to medium conferences and meetings. Designed to combine top notch sound quality and interference-resistance with portability and flexibility, this system is ideal for events where a common relay language is used between interpreters.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This system was discontinued and replaced by the DWS INT 4 2.0 System. Click Here to view the new system.

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At the core of the system is the versatile DLT-100 transceiver which allows an interpreter to simultaneously listen to the floor feed and broadcast an interpretation signal, replacing what would have before required several pieces of equipment. Use additional transceiver units (sold separately) to scale-up to fourteen languages.

Audience members listen-in using the DLR 50 receiver, 25 of which are included with the INT 4 system. Additional DLR 50s can be bought (sold separately  as the audience size increases. This system is scalable to an unlimited number of listeners.

DWS-INT4 ideal for shared language + dual translator situations:

  • Main speaker uses one DLT-100 transceiver as body- mic to transmit a direct floor audio feed from the simultaneous translators.
  • Using DLR-50 receivers, the audience can also tune into the floor feed channel for hearing assistance, or
  • The Interpreters use the other two DLT-100 transceivers to listen to the speaker and alternate broadcasting their translation to the audience on another channel. Interpreters switch off and relieve each other by pushing the TALK button – leaving only one TALK function on at any one time.

Additional Features: 

  • DWS-INT4 Simultaneous Interpretation System can accommodate floor (or common) language, plus up to fourteen additional languages
  • No base-station, console or mixer needed
  • Completely wireless for quick setup and breakdown
  • Lightweight (17 lbs for the full set) — reduces shipping costs, and makes for easy transport
  • Flexible  system — can grow with your needs, with larger audiences or more languages
  • 2.4GHz operation — legal for use in most countries
  • Long lasting batteries run all day on a charge
  • Unlimited listener numbers (with additional DLR-050 receivers)

Full System Includes:

  • DLT-100 transceivers – each packaged with an individual charger (3)
  • DLR-50 receivers (25)
  • MIC 054 directional lapel mic (1)
  • MIC 044 2P headset mics (2)
  • EAR 022 earphone (25)
  • CCS 044 silicone skin (1)
  • CHG 102 Digi-Wave 2-bay charger (1)
  • CCS 042 DW system carry case (1)