Using a Translation System for Assistive Listening

By Chris Gullotta, contact

Assistive Listening

HED 021 Mono Dual-Ear Adult Folding Headphones

Over the many years I have served as sound engineer for my church, I can recall the two most common ‘complaints’ I receive after a service are, “It was too loud” and “It wasn’t loud enough.”

Many times, these come from different members during the same service. I am reminded of the phrase, “You can’t please everybody,” however the solution to the “wasn’t loud enough” problem is easily solved with Williams portable interpretation equipment used for assistive listening.

Most existing church audio system can be easily connected to a transmitter (such as the DLT-100 2.0 or PPA T27 base station). The same receivers used for translation are then handed out to those members in need of sound enhancement.

The small earphones (such as the EAR 022) provide a comfortable, user-adjustable volume level that allows them to hear the preaching or music without straining. The multiple channels available from these systems will not interfere with the translation taking place. The receivers are easily configured just prior to the service for either translation or hearing enhancement. The versatility of the Williams receivers even allows the member to use his own earbuds or headphones.

Remote Listening

Would you like to hear the service in the nursery or lobby? That is easily accomplished as well. Once you are broadcasting over the PPA T27 base station, all the audio can be heard in any nearby room with the addition of a remote speaker of your choice. Just plug it in and select the channel. No one will miss out on the preaching or music.

Just contact us with your needs and we will be happy to recommend the best system for you. We will even help you hook it up!

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Note: All equipment we sell is for interpretation using a LIVE human interpreter/translator. There is nothing that I know of that exists now that is able to produce a good quality audio translation without a human interpreter.