Translation Equipment for School Systems and PTAs

Welcome to our guide on translation equipment for schools and educational use.

As campuses grow more diverse, multilingual translation is a must for the classroom and school events. Our systems enable audio communication with a live (human) interpreter to bridge the language gap.

There is no device available today for quality automated translation without a human interpreter.

Our interpretation systems let listeners follow events live and in their native language. This provides a level of comprehension and interactivity not possible otherwise.

Most systems will work well with your existing audio equipment and do not need a technician to operate. Some sets are portable and break down into a case for easy storage, while others must be mounted in a room.

Key Points

  • It is not possible to provide accurate live audio translation of an event without a human translator. You will need an interpreter to use our equipment in your school. This can be a professional or volunteer.
  • Translation systems work via a set of receivers and transmitters. Essentially, you are creating a mini radio station that broadcasts a feed of the second language to listeners.
  • With all translation systems, you can add an unlimited number of listeners within the system’s range. You can always start small and add more receivers later.
  • You can provide simultaneous translation for up to 14 languages with our systems. The typical setup is 1-3 languages.
  • Simultaneous translation equipment can double as assistive listening gear for hearing impaired listeners.
  • Digital systems (Digiwave) offer the best sound quality, but with a higher price point.
  • For more info, see our guides to types of translation equipment and conference microphone systems.

Product Recommendations For Education Scenarios


Scenario: One translated language and up to 30 listeners

Top Recommendations:

  • PPA T46: Portable, lightweight  belt pack FM transmitter. Can be easily transported between classrooms and allows the interpreter to move freely.
  • PPA R37: FM single-channel receiver gives listeners easy control of their own volume.
  • Note: FM systems are more cost effective, while Digital offers higher audio quality.

PTA & School Boards

Scenario: Midsized meetings with one or more translated language and up to 60 listeners

Top Recommendations:

  • PPA T46: Belt pack FM transmitter ideal for small to medium spaces up to 150 ft.
  • PPA T27: Table-top FM transmitter designed for medium to large areas up to 1000 ft.
  • PPA R38N: Multi-channel FM receiver gives the listener easy control to select the channel of the language they need to hear(multi-lingual environments).
  • Translation booth: Great for quiet environments where the interpreters voice might be a distraction.

Solo Interpretation

Scenario: One-on-one conferences, tutoring sessions, etc

Top Recommendations:

  • PPA T46: FM Transmitter allows the interpreter to communicate in real-time to the listeners
  • PPA R37: Single channel FM receiver
  • PPA R38N: multi-channel receiver for switching between language feeds in more complex setups

Assemblies & Large Events

Scenario: This allows a presenter or interpreters to be wireless and mobile. Translation booth is optional, but provide improved sound quality because they eliminate background noise in the interpreter’s headset.

Top Recommendations:

  • DLT 400: Belt pack digital transmitter can be used in almost any environment. Range up to 900 ft. in ideal conditions.
  • DLR 400 ALK: Multi-channel digital receiver offers simple controls and crystal clear audio(Alkaline batteries only). The DLR 400 RCH can be used if a rechargeable receiver is desired
  • Translation Booth. Optional, but provided improved sound quality because they eliminate background noise in the interpreter’s headset

Outdoor / Large Stadium

Scenario: Sporting events, graduations, and other large scale events requiring a longer range interpretation system.

Top Recommendations:

  • PPA T55 FM+: Our highest coverageFM transmitter, with up to 1000 ft. of coverage per device.
  • PPA R37: Our most cost-effective FM receiver, ideal for large-scale deployment in one-translated language scenarios
  • PPA R38N: Better choice for environments with more than one language. Listeners can easily switch between languages with the push of a button.

Education Case Studies 

Palm Beach County School District 

With 187 campuses and a diverse student body of 174,000, Palm Beach County needed a flexible and cost effective translation system. School leaders chose FM equipment for its flexibility and compatibility with existing PA equipment. A mix of neckloop and bluetooth earpieces provides flexible listening options in indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Autonomous University of Mexico State 

This university in Toluca, Mexico required a flexible system for lecture halls and classroom use. Combining two two FM transmitters with 300 multi-channel receivers, and two IC-2 Interpreter Consoles allows the system to serve several wireless audio functions. The IC-2 Console lets interpreters send audio to select groups, switch mics on or off and toggle music or assistive listening modes.

Macquarie University Hospital

A leader in patient care and clinical education, this teaching university requires crystal clear 2-way audio to enable two-way communication for group participation. Teaching surgeons can communicate effortlessly with students who are also wearing transceivers. The students can then participate in Q&A sessions, with the conversation heard by all participants. The equipment is wireless which allows the surgeons to be hands-free without worrying about pressing buttons or making adjustments.

Note: We can customize any interpretation system for as many devices as you may need. We also offer a wide variety of microphone and headphone options. Just drop us a line and we can design a system for you. You can always start with a smaller number and expand later.

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Will WardHi – I’m Will and I started this company to help you find the best simultaneous translation / interpretation equipment for your organization.

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Note: All equipment we sell is for interpretation using a LIVE human interpreter/translator. There is nothing that I know of that exists now that is able to produce a good quality audio translation without a human interpreter.