Digital Interpretation System for 20 Listeners and 1-2 Languages – DWS INT 3 300 – Williams AV

Do need to provide top-quality translated audio to up to 20 listeners and support up to 1-2 translated languages? If so, the DWS INT 3 300 digital interpretation system is the ideal starting point.

It is a ready-to-go system that contains everything you need to fully equip your multi-lingual event with crystal clear audio translation without the hassle of radio interference.

No need for a dedicated technician or fixed tabletop equipment, this system is set up for interpreters to use out of the box, yet powerful enough to be configured to more advanced, multi-language applications as needed.

It allows your groups to walk around freely, with no need to stay near the “home base” equipment, making it ideal for active classroom, tour guide, outdoor and other mobile scenarios.

A the same time, Digiwave is also prized by embassies worldwide, the UN, and other highly demanding settings for its adaptability and ease of use for listeners. It uses 87 bit encryption and frequency hopping technology to keep your audio feed secure.

Receivers get up to 24 hours of listening time with 2 AAA alkaline batteries (included). Rechargeable batteries are also available for operational cost savings and convenience.

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  • Contains everything you need to provide crystal clear interpreted audio for up to 20 audience members (can be scaled up for larger groups)
  • Designed for a two-interpreter, two-translated language scenario OR single interpreter with floor feed relay
  • Contains a rugged briefcase-style carry case for secure transport and storage
  • Secure audio transmission using 87-bit encryption and frequency hopping technology
  • Can easily be scaled up for more listeners by adding additional receivers
  • Range of up to 750 feet!
  • Includes charger, case and everything you need to operate the system in one package

System Includes

  • 2 DLT-300 Digiwave transceivers with included charger (used by interpreters to transmit interpreted audio to audience)
  • 20 DLR 360 receivers (used by audience members listening to translated audio)
  • 20 BAT 010-2 AAA alkaline batteries (these batteries are non-rechargeable and provide up to 24 hours of listening time) You can purchase re-chargeable batteries to use with the system here.
  • 2 MIC 044 2P headset microphone (head-worn microphone for the interpreter)
  • 30 EAR 022 earphones (single ear earphone does not sit inside ear, easy to clean with wet wipe and reuse). Other headphone options are available here.
  • CCS 042 DW system carry case