Wireless Digital Interpretation Starter Pack – 5 Listeners

This ultra portable digital interpretation system has everything you need for a basic language setup in minimum time.

The system is expandable, so you can easily add more languages (up to 14) and listeners (unlimited listeners within range) as your needs grow. This system is ideal for:

  • Worship services with up to 5 listeners requiring language support
  • Small group tour guide situations (factory tours, tourist sites, etc)
  • Small meetings
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 Key Features

  • Lightweight, wireless and totally portable; easy to store equipment in a backpack or briefcase
  • 87 bit signal encryption protects the security of your conversations.
  • Expandable. Easily add up to 14 languages and unlimited listeners
  • 250 foot indoor range makes system ideal for almost all meeting and conference applications

 How To Use

1.  Give your interpreter the DLT-100 2.0 transmitter and Mic 054 lapel microphone. He/she is positioned at the rear of the room to listen to the event and provide interpretation.

2. Distribute the DLR 60 2.0 receivers and earphones to your audience. They simply tune in to the interpretation channel as necessary to listen to the language audio feed.

System Includes: