PPA VP 37 Personal PA Value Pack System – Williams Sound

Powerful, economical, and  highly portable, the Williams Sound Personal PA Value Pack broadcasts a translation feed, music program, or other audio signal wirelessly up to 1000 feet to your audience. Participants listen to the broadcast using one of four single channel receivers and headphones. You can purchase more receivers as necessary to accommodate larger audience sizes.

Since the receivers are single channel, this system is only appropriate for interpretation settings in which you have one floor language and one translation language.

The core of the Value Pack System is the powerful  T27 transmitter,which features an LED display, easy channel selector

This system complies with 2010 ADA guidelines for hearing assistance and is covered by a Lifetime PLUS Limited Warranty.



Key Features

  • Up to 1000 foot operating range
  • System has 17 available channels and operates on 72-76 MHz
  • Great for portable use – easy to set up and take down
  • Flexible 3.5mm mic and RCA line-level inputs
  • Lifetime PLUS Limited Warranty. 90 days on accessories.
  • Increase number of listeners with additional R37 receivers 
  • Extend listening zone to another room or office with PPA R1600 Remote FM Speaker 

System includes

NOTE: This System is FCC approved for operation in U.S. markets but cannot be used in all countries. Check your local regulations for rules on 72-76 MHz operation.