DLT-100 2.0 Digital Transceiver – Williams Sound (Discontinued)

The DLT-100 2.0 Transceiver is the heart of the Digiwave digital interpretation system from Williams Sound. Unlike other products on the market, the DLT-100 is able to simultaneously transmit and receive. This gives an interpreter everything he/she needs to do the job in a single sleek device that is no larger than a pager.

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In larger settings, additional DLT-100 2.0’s can be added to increase the number of languages supported, up to 14, or to increase the range of the system when used in “repeater” mode.

With a working indoor range of 200-250 (76 meters) feet indoors, the DLT-100 2.0 is  ideal for most conference and meeting settings.

The DLT-100 2.0 is easy to use and requires no special technical expertise. With the push of a button, the interpreter can switch-off with another speaker, switch channels, or activate 2-way simultaneous transmission for easier interaction.

Key Features

  • Transmit and receive at the same time – no need to additional equipment required
  • Weights just 2.8 oz including integrated LiPo battery.
  • Accepts all standard microphones and headphones with standard 3.5mm plug (or use the internal speaker and microphone)
  • Range of up to 250 feet (76m) indoors – ideal for most conference settings
  • Increase the range by using a second DLT-100 in repeater mode
  • Uses the 2.4 Ghz spectrum for crystal clear audio quality
  • Up to 14 hours of talk time on a single charge (charge time 5 hours, but device can be operated while charging)
  • 2 year parts and labor warranty from Williams Sound
  • Change groups without accessing the menu
  • Tone adjust control

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