DWS INT 5 PRO Language Interpretation System

The DWS INT 5 PRO is a fully portable, professional language translation system that supports up to 50 listeners and 5 translated languages. This wireless, encrypted system is designed for situations where audio quality, security, and ease of use are needed.

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The DWS INT 5 PRO is designed for small to medium conference venues, and uses digital signal technology to transmit the signal between the speakers, interpreters, and audience with maximum clarity. In a typical setup, one of the five transceivers is given to the speaker, with the other four given to interpreters located in the rear of the room or in an adjacent room.  Each of the 50 listeners (expandable to add more listeners if needed) then uses an included rechargeable DLR-60 2.0 receiver and EAR 022 earphone to listen to the floor feed, or any of the four translation feeds. To increase the number of translated languages (up to 14), simply add additional DLT-100 2.0 transceivers to your package.


  • Supports up to five translated languages (or one common language plus four translated languages),and expandable to 14 languages
  • No additional equipment like mixer or cables required
  • Easy, intuitive operation – no need for technical support
  • Shipping weight for full system just 45 Lbs
  • Heavy duty case easy for checking on airlines
  • Expands to up to 14 translated languages and unlimited additional listeners (within 250 foot radius)
  • 2.4GHz frequency band for crystal clear audio
  • Equipment operates up to 24 hours on a charge
  • Interfaces smoothly with recording or other audio equipment using 1/8 inch standard plugs

Here is a common setup with the INT 5 system:

  • One transceiver given to speaker, which transmits to the 4 interpreters at the rear of the room or hall
  • The four interpreters use their transceivers to listen to the main feed and translate on a separate channel
  • Audience members listen to their choice feeds on DLR 60 2.0s receivers

Full System Contains