WIR RX15-2 Two-Channel Infrared Receiver Headset (Discontinued)

The WIR RX15-2 Two-Channel Infrared Receiver Headset from Williams Sound provides hands free reception of infrared signals, making it perfect for use in providing one-way voice communication, hearing assistance or translation reception during conferences, meetings and presentations.

When used with the WIR TX90 Transmitter, the RX15-2 infrared receiver headset makes creating an mid-range RF broadcast area of up to 3,500 square feet.

Capable of accessing two IR channels, this headset allows for the more flexible use that comes from having multiple transmitters covering the same event.


Perfect for offering both live translation or hearing assistance during a conference, meeting, or presentation, the WIR RX15-2  makes it possible to offer up to two translation into two different languages simultaneously.

This headset ensures professional look and inconspicuous operation, with top quality circuitry to ensure a crystal clear audio experience.

Key Features

  • Accepts IR signals at two frequencies, 2.3 MHz or 2.8 MHz, and is compatible with Williams Sound IR transmitters.
  • Each ear has a dedicated volume-control knob, making it easy for each listener to tailor the experience to individual hearing needs.
  • Using AAA Alkaline batteries, the headset lasts through 80 hours of continual use
  • Weighing in at a mere half pound with batteries with a comfortable ergonomic design
  • Low signal-to-noise ratio (60 dB (IEC weighted)) will ensure that wearers will always have a quality sound, essential for uses as a hearing aid or translation service.
  • Receiver has also earned approval by CE, RoHS, and WEEE due to its quality construction and reliability.

System Includes:

  • Each headset features individual volume control
  • Two-year warranty
  • Push-button frequency selector