MIC 027 Handheld Unidirectional Shotgun Microphone

The MIC 027 handheld unidirectional shotgun microphone from Williams Sound allows you to capture  flawless audio from a single source while picking up minimal background noise. Its slim design and black color combine to create a professional, low-profile appearance, ideal for desktop speaker situations or use inside interpreter booths.

The mic’s unidirectional design affords exceptional vocal response, making it ideal recording lead, backup, and choral vocals, as well as any type of solo instrumental work, and will do so with ease and precision.

A microphone stand and wind screen are also available for purchase with the mic.

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Key Features:

  • Slim, high quality design
  • Improved resistance to radio frequencies, producing crisp, seamless audio output
  • Unidirectional, “shotgun” mic design prevents pickup of unwanted sounds and noises, producing optimal vocal reproduction
  • Its light-weight, 3oz. design and 3.5 mm Mono Plug contribute to the ease-of-use

Product Specs:

  • 3.5mm Mono Plug
  • Unidirectional Condenser – 20 – 78KHz
  • 48″ Cord
  • Operating Voltage of 1.5 – 10VDC
  • Max Input Sound Level of 119 dB SPL
  • 90 Day Warranty from Williams Sound

Use With:
The 027 Shotgun Microphone is designed to work with a number of items including the  PFM, and PPA model transmitters, as well as the DLT-100, which is a digital transceiver, and the IC-2  interpreter control console.