Portable FM Receiver PPA R37 8N – Williams AV (Discontinued)

The PPA R37-8N Rechargeable FM Receiver from Williams AV is a simple, ultra-portable 8 channel receiver that features an easy to use 8 channel rotary selection knob to switch between 8 pre-set wideband frequencies. Frequency range is between 72-76 MHz.

Using two AA alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries, the PPA R37-8N is designed to be easily re-charged in a compatible charging station, making it perfect for large-scale applications in churches, conferences, or other multi-listener settings.

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PPA R37 8N Portable FM Receiver Features

  • Rotary knob to easily choose 8 wideband frequencies in the 72-76 MHz bandwidth
  • Battery-saving sleep mode
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Recharge capability when used with NiMH batteries
  • Stereo headphone jack
  • Neckloop and hearing-aid (telecoil-equipped) compatible

System Includes:

  • PPA R37-8N Receiver
  • CLP 023 belt clip

Compatible With these Williams AV Transmitters:

No earphones are included. We offer a wide variety of earphone and headphone options easily connected to a versatile 3.5mm stereo/mono jack.

NOTE: The PPA R37-8 FM Portable FM Receiver is only compatible with transmitters operating between 72-76 MHz. The receiver is approved by the FCC for operation in U.S. Markets. Not available for use in all countries. Please check your government´s radio regulations for 72-76 MHz operation.