PPA R37-20 FM Single Channel 20 Receiver Bundle – Williams AV

Sleek and versatile, the PPA R37 FM receiver features easy and sleek channel selector button with 17 preset frequencies between 72-76 MHz. Connected by a standard 3.5mm plug, the EAR 022 single-side earphone hangs securely around the outside of your ear, leaving one side free to listen to the ambient sound.


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  • Seek-button access to all 17 wideband frequencies in the 72-76 MHz bandwidth
  • Channel-lock capability
  • Sleep mode to reduce battery use
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Neckloop hearing-aid compatible.

System Includes:

  • PPA R37 Receiver (20)
  • BAT 001 AA alkaline batteries 2 pack (20)
  • EAR 022 single mini earbud (20)

Works With: