2-Person Portable Interpretation Booth

The 2-Person Whisper Cube Interpretation Booth provides ideal support for live event interpreters, perfect for conferences, meetings, hotel facilities, and events in a professional setting.

Designed to meet all ISO-4043 standards, the 2-Person Whisper Cube Interpretation Booth is sure to provide you with an exemplary environment for translation free from the varied distractions of disagreeable humidity, temperature, lighting, and noise.

The booth is designed to provide a quality acoustic environment, perfect for clear discernment of different languages heard simultaneously, to allow for the highest quality translation work with minimal discomfort or distraction.


Key Features

The 2-Person Whisper Cube Interpretation Booth is made from sturdy, lightweight materials that require little cleaning and virtually no maintenance. Encompassing approximately 250 cubic feet of space in which two translators can work comfortably, the booth weighs a relatively light 250 pounds and can easily be packed into two wheeled ATA 300 shipping cases for transport.

It’s also designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble, requiring no special tools or expertise to erect, while remaining sturdy enough to be both sound proof and easy to move. At the same time, the special modular nature of the booth’s design makes it easy to expand with the purchase of additional panels, so you know you will always be able to get the space you need later without having to worry about the cost of purchasing a entirely new booth.

Manufactured from high quality materials, the 2-Person Booth provides an attractive, professional appearance to the surrounding audience while providing a comfortable work environment to the translator. Contact us for specialist help in selecting a portable booth tailored to your specific needs and offers additional services including silk screening, custom packaging for resale, and labeling.

System Includes

  • (15) panels
  • (2) ATA 300 wheeled shipping cases
  • (2) airvac 38 DB ventilation units (110/220 volts)

Optional Available Additions:

  • Interior Division Partition System
  • Double Plexiglass
  • Integrated Lighting System
  • Soundproof Flooring
  • Integrated Table System
  • Project Management
  • Custom Design
  • Air Conditioning